Professional Eco-Friendly Recycled Couch Rolls (40m x 50cm x 9 Rolls)

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Medisave Professional Eco-Friendly Recycled Couch Rolls (40m x 50cm x 9 Rolls)

Availability: In stock

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    Very popular and well established, Readiwipes Super dry wipes offer high performance and versatility for both patient and carer. Super wipes are manufactured using a heavyweight cotton and viscose rich polypropylene material that is soft and gentle to the skin, whilst delivering excellent absorbency.

    Suitable for numerous patient applications from a flannel to incontinence care, Super wipes are also ideal for effectively mopping up spills or used damp for cleansing surfaces. When wet, Readiwipes Super retain their strength, so that they last longer to complete the task without waste. Whatever the task, Super is more than capable of coping efficiently, when compared with cheap and lightweight alternatives.

    • Soft & gentle to the skin
    • Superior absorbency and high performance cleansing ability
    • Luxury cotton & viscose rich material
    • Versatile - suitable for many patient & general purpose uses
    • ‘Z’ folded wipe for easy, cost effective single dispensing
    • Compact, waterproof pack to keep unused wipes clean

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